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~*~Welcome to PaperWings: Linkshell for Mages~*~

There are so many Linkshells in Vana D'iel but rarely do you see one dedicated to just one thing! Well Mages! Here is the Linkshell for you! An All Mage Linkshell: dedicated to helping its members! Please look around the site and feel free to send a /tell or email if you have any questions regaring anything ^^ Thank you!
~ Button

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Currently working on trying to get pictures and such for the webpage please help us out by sending stuff (Screenshots or member info)!

We invite you to visit us or attend an event. Any Questions you may have regarding what we do (events and such) or who may join may be answered by one of our Founders ^^ Please /tell or send an email if intersted ^^

~*~PaperWings~*~ [::Hades::] Founded by Button & Set. Copyright 2005